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Stephanie Beerden was born on Friday the 13th (no joke, she really was) in a small city called Genk and has always been fascinated with the occult, magic and books. Her childhood and teen years were filled with reading lots and lots of books and imagining what life would be like as a real Vampire. Until one day she decided that she wanted to try her hand at writing her own books and that was the beginning of her writing adventure. Her first book is a YA Fantasy called De Elementen – Het Verloren Koninkrijk and after many, many trials and tribulations, one small Dutch publisher decided “Hey, let’s give this girl a shot”. Her second book De Elementen – Archandir has recently been published by same publisher and she couldn’t be happier about that. Stephanie hopes to keep writing as long as she can and already has several writing projects in the works for the future.

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Sworn to Raise: Courtlight #1

Sworn to Raise - Terah Edun *Received a free copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*Alright let's get this started. The reason I requested this book on NetGalley was because the cover looked sooooooo pretty and because the blurb sounded interesting. The story was nice enough to read, it's about a seventeen-year-old orphan girl named Ciardis, who has a job as a laundress, working for a cheapskate boss and just discovered that her "boyfriend" of two years couldn't keep it in his pants and ended up knocking up another girl and because that's just not done, they're forced to be bound (which means married). When the Companion, Serena comes to town, she offers Ciardis a chance to be part of the Companions Guild and be her sponsor. Ciardis accepts it and thus starts her adventure as a trainee Companion. The rest of the story is about Ciardis going through her training, meeting several possible Patrons and also Prince Sebastian, who needs her help in regaining his connection with the Land Wight, so he can acces his magic once again and be a worthy Heir to the throne.So about the characters. I liked Ciardis well enough, she's a strong character. But I can't get a read on her personality, because it seems she's constantly changing her own personality, one minute she's smart and sarcastic and the next she's shallow and an airhead. And then there is Sebastian (the prince), I didn't connect with him at all, it's not that I don't like him, there's just no ... spark, I guess you could call it. Then there are the supporting characters like Serena, Damias, Vana, Teachene, just to name a few. They're fun characters to read about, though Serena can be quite shallow. I was a bit disappointed that Ciardis' training as a Companion was mostly skipped over, with only here and there a few explanations on how things worked, but nothing very in-depth. Also the last few chapters read a bit too rushed for me. I also noticed a few spelling mistakes, here and there that bothered me when I read the story. All in all it wasn't a bad book but I didn't enjoy it as much I hoped I would. Thus my 2.5 stars for this book. Original review on http://booknutstephanie.blogspot.be/2013/06/review-sworn-to-raise-by-terah-edun.html