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Stephanie Beerden was born on Friday the 13th (no joke, she really was) in a small city called Genk and has always been fascinated with the occult, magic and books. Her childhood and teen years were filled with reading lots and lots of books and imagining what life would be like as a real Vampire. Until one day she decided that she wanted to try her hand at writing her own books and that was the beginning of her writing adventure. Her first book is a YA Fantasy called De Elementen – Het Verloren Koninkrijk and after many, many trials and tribulations, one small Dutch publisher decided “Hey, let’s give this girl a shot”. Her second book De Elementen – Archandir has recently been published by same publisher and she couldn’t be happier about that. Stephanie hopes to keep writing as long as she can and already has several writing projects in the works for the future.

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The Goddess Test - Aimee Carter I bought this book after reading the blurb. I'm a sucker for Greek Mythology so of course I loved the prospect of reading a nice book about the kickass Gods and Goddesses of Mount Olympus. Imagine my surprise then, when it turns out that those badass Gods are a bunch of pussies! I mean c'mon Hades, God of the Underworld, a virgin? Having Zeus, King of the Gods say lust is wrong, now that's just messed up! And another thing using the Seven Deadly Sins as a means to test Kate? C'MON!! Those two things have no [bleep] thing in common with each other! So that aspect of this book completely put me off, but I did finish the book and in the end I am glad I read it, even if I didn't give it much of a good rating. The story itself isn't so bad, neither are the characters. I don't mind Kate so much and I admit I loved her dedication and the love she displayed for her mother, Diana, in the book. And despite the fact that in my mind Hades would never be like the one in this book, I rather liked Henry (Hades). Also the twist with Calliope, I did not see that shit coming! It was a really good twist on the author's part. I also enjoyed Aimée's writing style and the way she described places and people in her book. And like I said, the story itself wasn't bad, but I just wished she didn't have to butcher the Greek Mythology the way she did to write this. I'm sure other readers will enjoy this book the way it is and despite the way she used the Greek Gods, Carter's books still piqued my interest, so I will probably read the sequels to this book and hopefully they'll be better than The Goddess Test. But in the end, I just couldn't justify giving the book more then 2,5 stars. Original review on http://booknutstephanie.blogspot.be/2013/06/review-goddess-test-by-aimee-carter.html