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Stephanie Beerden was born on Friday the 13th (no joke, she really was) in a small city called Genk and has always been fascinated with the occult, magic and books. Her childhood and teen years were filled with reading lots and lots of books and imagining what life would be like as a real Vampire. Until one day she decided that she wanted to try her hand at writing her own books and that was the beginning of her writing adventure. Her first book is a YA Fantasy called De Elementen – Het Verloren Koninkrijk and after many, many trials and tribulations, one small Dutch publisher decided “Hey, let’s give this girl a shot”. Her second book De Elementen – Archandir has recently been published by same publisher and she couldn’t be happier about that. Stephanie hopes to keep writing as long as she can and already has several writing projects in the works for the future.

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First Frost - Liz DeJesus *Received a free copy for Blog Tour stop*I loved it. There is just no other words to describe how I feel about this book. I'm a fan of fairy tale re-tellings and this book just blew me away. So story follows Bianca Frost, who is a descendant of Snow White (and if that isn't awesom I don't know what is). Her family owns a museum where a lot of artifacts from Fairy Tales are displayed. Like Sleeping Beauty's spinning wheel, the Mirror from Snow Wite, the oven from Hansel and Gretel (how cool is that). One night Bianca finds out that her mom's a witch and all those fairy tales are real. And her family has been protecting all these artifacts from falling into the wrong hands. But the adventure really begins when her mother is kidnapped by their enemy Lenore, who searches Queen Mirabel's spell book. The story was just awesome, I don't have any words to describe it. I loved the setting in Neverafter and how things are so different from the normal world. Also the history behind Bianca's family is interesting. I also loved the characters Bianca is just so much fun to read and her mom Rose was great too. She's just a sweet character. Also Ming is funny as hell, she Bianca's best friend and is great in her own perfectly normal way. Then we also have David, Bianca's dad, who comes in later in the story. He's such a nice guy and I felt awful he had to spend a decade as a black bear, but lukily it all turned out well enough. Then you have Terrance and Prince Ferdinand. I didn't really care for Ferdinand, because I thought he was a bit annoying throughout the book, but I loved Terrance, he's so interesting and he is also Bianca's love interest. I think they look so cute together!That's all I have to say about the first book, I'm gonna go and read the second one, right now. Hopefully it'll be just as good as the this one.